New Publication on the way! + Pictures from our Convention

Hey there writeroonies, it’s the week after our Annual Convention and while we’re all sad it’s over, we at Writers’ Soc are not idle. Our new publication is in the works, titled “A Change of Heart”. If you’d like to be a part, simply send your submissions to We’ll accept any form of writing, in any language you feel comfortable with. No one in our society will be excluded, because we love the opportunity to give everyone the chance to have their work in print. It’s an immensely rewarding experience.

If you’re lacking the creative juices to write up a storm, we have some prompts to get you going! These are merely crutches, so don’t feel like you have to abide by these!

“Two roads diverged in a wood and I, I took the one less travelled by.”

“I dwell in possibility.”

“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”

“If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain.”

“There are no safe choices. Only other choices.”

If that didn’t help your writer’s block, then come along to one of our weekly meetings, at AC203, 7.30pm on Tuesdays. But there’s going to be a slight change of plan for our next meeting 9th February, as we’re going to have a meeting off-campus, for a little word-game fun, in a TBD location, but probably the Blue Note pub, on Galway’s Westside.

That’s all for now, see ya soon,

Joshua, Publisher.

P.S. some pics from the convention. Thank you all for a really enjoyable day!



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Writing Convention etc.!

Welcome back folks for the second semester and the new year. I hope everyone’s feeling hopeful for new beginnings, in college, writing and life in general. I know we at Writers’ Soc are. We have lots in store for fans of literature in all its forms this term.

First off, the big news! Writers’ Soc’s second annual convention is being held on Saturday 30th January here at NUIG, from 11am to 5pm in the Arts Millennium building. Members of other colleges’ literary societies will be attending to give it that Inter-Varsity vibe! There’s lots planned for the day to sate your literary desires. Events include, but aren’t limited to, a poetry slam, workshops, an open mic and talks from guest speakers such as Over the Edge’s Kevin Higgins and blogger Fenella Fox. There’ll also be refreshments aplenty and maybe even toilets if you’re lucky (I jest, of course there’ll be toilets). The convention is only 2 euro entry for the whole day so you have literally no excuse not to come. Unless you do actually have an excuse.

In other news, we’re having a movie night next week after our regular meeting on Tuesday in AC213 at the new time of 7.30pm. The movie we’re watching is Fight Club, a modern masterpiece adapted from Chuck Palahniuk’s novel of the same name. The film starring Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter is a well of excellent story-telling techniques, as well as being a really great watch. It is quite violent though (as hinted in the title), so if that’s not your thing, be aware! Other than that, next Tuesday is looking good. Refreshments will be there also of course.

That’s all for now, I hope to see you all at our convention next Saturday in the Arts Millennium Building, and at our meeting next Tuesday!

Joshua Kenehan, Publisher.



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Autumn Publication Online!

Hey everyone!

This week, Writers’ Society launched our first publication of the year, contemplating Autumn, among other things. The launch went swimmingly, and we’re all really pleased with the result. Copies can be picked up from the Socs Box in Aras na Mac Leinn on NUIG campus, but if you can’t manage to get one, the publication is available online, via our publication archive. Browse it at your leisure!

Unfortunately, as college is wrapping up for winter, we too will have to. 😦 But there is a silver lining. Dark evenings and cold weather are the perfect recipe for writing. We hope to see you all when the ice thaws, with many masterworks of literature at the ready…

But I’m getting ahead of myself. We still have one meeting left! Next Tuesday we have our Christmas spectacular (not to blow our own horn) before we close up shop. Join us in AC213 at 8pm if you’d like a chill writing session before exams, essay deadlines and the real winter hit you.

Signing off,

Joshua Kenehan, Publisher.


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Autumn Publication + More!

WriterSoc 15/16 is in full swing and our publisher, Joshua (i.e. me, the one writing this), has finally got around to updating the oul’ society blog. There are lots of exciting things happening in the society at the moment, as per usual. Let’s jump into it!

Our Autumn Publication is on the way. Feel free to send in any piece of writing that you’ve been hoarding away for a rainy day. The prompts are as follows, for those who need an extra bit of inspiration: “wither”, “leaves crunch underfoot”, “fireworks pop overhead” and “the moon rises earlier each night”. Any kind of writing is suitable! The prompts and theme are for the little extra guidance anyone may need. The max word count is 2000 and the deadline for submissions is the 27th October. Please send them to The publication should be ready for our meeting on the 3rd of November! Your work in print! Exciting!

Our room has changed to AC213 on the arts concourse beside the Bank of Ireland. No more struggling to speak over the sound of the Orchestra Soc! But no more ambient music. A mixed blessing but I hope our new home fares well for us at 8-9.30 pm on Tuesdays!

Also we’ve got a story-telling event coming up this Thursday at the Crane Bar 8pm, Rab Fulton’s “Celtic Tales”. Tickets can be purchased from the Socs Box with a massive 60% discount at only 5 euro! So come and support a great fellow writer and storyteller!

That’s about it for now! Our first WriterSoc update is on the blog. In addition to these tidbits, all our publications will go on here, and we’ll put up the longer pieces of members that want to take part in our monthly Work In Progress workshops!

Joshua Kenehan, Publisher, signing off.

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Publications online!

Hello Writers! Our publisher Cathy released the final publication of 2014/2015 last night, at our final Thursday meeting of the year. You can find copies at the Socs Box and at the 10th Birthday Party tomorrow. If you prefer your dose of literature in digital form, you can also now find all the publications from this year and previous occasions here, as well as downloadable PDF versions.

Sadly, the year is coming to an end. What’s not so depressing is the gloriously warm weather we’ve been experiencing. If it continues, it’ll make Study Week all that more difficult to get through – but we can’t really complain, can we?


It’s difficult to stay focused, when sun, ice cream and Salthill are beckoning…

If you do opt to take a break in the sun, our latest publication would make a great companion. So do try to get your hands on a copy!

Good luck to all our members and supporters with exams, assignments and whatever life is throwing at you right now. Remember, we also have a chilled out drop in session this Thursday (April 23rd) in the Meeting Rooms from 7-9, as per usual. Feel free to swing by to write, study, play games, or merely to eat biscuits and drink tea.

Here’s to the summer!

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The Phoenix Rises Again

Phoenixes are said to have not only (near-)infinite lives, but also long lifespans for each individual incarnation, so let’s keep this fire burning, writers!

At the Societies awards of 2015, our beloved Writers’ Society was delighted to be awarded ‘The Phoenix Award’ for a society who have shown themselves to have risen from the ashes, transforming into something that is very much alive. We are more than thrilled and delighted to have been honoured with this award for the second time in our ten year lifespan.


The evening was a tremendous success and the committee members were extremely happy to accept the award on behalf of all of you who make up the society. It has been a terrific year and we’ve come far lengths to become a society that has not only risen up but has freely accepted the new territory.


We would like to thank everyone who has been involved in NUI Galway’s Writers’ Society this year and we want to share our success with each of you. To do this, we will be having a Writers’ Society 10th Birthday party this Saturday in the Cube of Arás Na Mac Léinn in NUI Galway on Saturday from 6pm with an after-party of sorts following the gathering.

There will be tea and biscuits as you’re used to and there will be cake. Also you can take the opportunity to participate yourself in taking part in the informal open-mic.

Here’s a link to the event on Facebook for more detail and please rsvp if you’d like to come and read something

We’d be more than happy to see you there to celebrate with us and on behalf of the society as a whole, we thank you for your participation in what made this year an excellent one.

Cathy Lee, Publisher.

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Writers’ Society Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Hello all!

Well this year has been one of extreme excitement and one of showing what a society like ours is capable of. Of course, this all didn’t happen just by chance, it took some hard working committee members and decided society members to bring NUI Galway Writers’ Society into a confident society.

So our question for you now is: do you want to be more involved and become a part of the building of Writers’ Society for the next academic year? We highly encourage you to do so.

For encouragement reasons and to show you that it is doable, we will be posting job descriptions on our Facebook page over the next coming week in preparation for the elections that will be happening at the AGM.

Access our Facebook page here


We will be electing next years committee which includes the roles of Auditor, Vice-auditor, Treasurer, Secretary etc. Come along to see what you will become or please come along to be part of the democratic process in deciding who will be the key people to run your society next year. Thank you!

Cathy Lee, Publisher.

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The First Annual Writing Convention, feedback

On Saturday the 14th February NUI Galway hosted a day-long public writing event organised by the NUI Galway Writers’ Society. The day focused around different activities for the keen writing community to enjoy which included performances, talks and writing workshops – all organised and run by the students of the society themselves. There was a committee of sixteen members involved in organising the event and they had been working on the planning of the day since early January. The day was agreed to have been a success with everyone who attended having enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

The auditor of Writers’ society Richard Brown, the main organiser of the event, told me “the aim of the event was to show the prominence of writing on campus and that was indeed shown by the interest of people in the speakers and performances”. He was happy with the event overall as it was the first time an event like this was run. He said “with the standard being very high and everyone who attended wanting to be there, it was easily enjoyed”. The highlight of the day for Richard was the performance by Elaine Warde, a drama student of Jackdaw Theatre group, as this “captured the whole point of showing off our colleges talents”.

The first performance of the day was the exclusive premier of a one act play by the playwright Declan Jones “Maggie May Went Flying” with actors Bethany Langham who played the principle character ‘Maggie’ and Shane Egan who played the loveless side-kick presence ‘Gregory’.  Following the performance, a question and answer session occurred with the writer and cast allowing the audience could get more personally involved. The second play “In The Shadow Of A Hero”, written by Rory O’Sullivan, gripped the audience in telling the story of young inner-city sisters and their dealings during the time of the heroic Katie Taylor Olympic gold medal win. The contrast of the joyous time of national victory with the hardships of the girls’ lives was beautifully recorded in performance by actress Elaine Warde.

Galway’s own Dr. Andrew O’Baoill did a talk on ‘Exploring Journalism’ which was well received as was the talk on the ‘Power of the Pen’ by NUI Galway Societies Officer Riona Hughes. The NUI Galway Society dedicated to Harry Potter did a talk on defining ‘Fan-Faction’ which gave some valuable insights to this growing genre of writing. Special guest speakers included author Laura-Jane Cassidy and popular bloggers from ‘Into the West’ network Saibh & Sinéad. Ms. Cassidy told the crowd about the steps she takes when writing a novel and gave a full picture of the process of having a book published. The bloggers gave some helpful tips in the art of blogging and were open to giving the listeners the opportunity to join them in their network.

Vice auditor Jesse O’Donovan of Writers’ Society ran and organised a Poetry Slam that saw competitors dramatically perform their poetry to a crowd. All competitors were very well received but the winner was Camille Fafin who performed a poem entirely in French. An open mic was also available for writers to read out their pieces of writing to the listeners. Workshops took place in the areas of playwriting, poetry and journalism which gave people the opportunity to try out a new style of writing. As well a performance by dancer Lévana Eckert incorporated crafted music and written poetry specifically for this expression of combined creativity.

Darragh Waters who attended the event said “I enjoyed it, I was kept busy with plenty of options there for things to do”. He admitted he had no experience of events like this and did not know what to expect. He said it “was well structured and organised as it had everything and it wasn’t hard to find your way around”. His favourite parts of the day were the poetry being read at the open mic because he had never seen anything like that before and he liked “the workshops being so interactive”.

After a much needed rest from the organisational pressure, there is hope that the society will return and organise this type of event again next year. But overall everyone is very happy with how the day went and how the day was enjoyed which incorporated the many talents of both students and staff of NUI Galway.

Were you at the event? Let us know what you thought of it, survey here:

All photographs, taken by Colm McElliogtt, can be found on our Facebook page

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Promo Video

Hey there friends!

As you can probably tell we’re all very excited for our upcoming inter-varsity convention event which is happening THIS SATURDAY in Arás Na Mac Léinn from 10am-5pm in NUI Galway. See we’re so excited about the event that we even decided to make a promotional video. This took some hard work, crafting, direction and dedication from our lovely supporting writers. We think it was a success and we would like to thank Claire Hupy for the screen writing, Eimear O’Donnell for the filming, editing and directing along with our trying actors Lauren Moriarty, Cathy Lee, Richard Brown and Stephen Burke.

All did very well in our eyes but let’s just see what you, the audience, make our our video. Here it is! enjoy!

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NUI Galway Writers’ Society Convention (14th February 2015)


We’re a photogenic bunch, we know. Masters of tableau!

Hello Writers!

After a very successful trip to Dublin (with spilled secrets, group bonding and obsessive patronage of a popular coffee shop chain), Writers’ Soc has returned to bring another grand event – the 2015 Writers’ Society Convention. On Saturday February 14th, we’ll be in Aras Na Mac Léinn from 9 until 5, with guest speakers, performances, an inspiration room, writing workshops and more. Entry is €5, which will give you a free tea or coffee, plus biscuits.

We’re fully aware that the convention coincides with a certain pink-tinged day of the year. We say, if you’re single, come! Your ten cats and the Adele CD can wait – Writers’ Soc will keep you company. If you do have a significant other, come anyway – and bring them along. The warmly lit Inspiration Room will make a nice date spot, where you can write sweet words of nothing to one another… though we cannot promise discretion if you decide to get up to anything else in there.

Ahem. Here’s our poster, with more details about who’ll be at the convention and what to expect.


Here is the Facebook event page, for updates.

There’ll be more information (plus an schedule) available by this Thursday’s regular meeting, at 7 in the Meeting Rooms. It’s also important to come this week as we’ll be holding an EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting) to elect a new secretary. According to the university:

The Secretary will take minutes of meetings and deal with correspondence; responsible for secretary’s report and society submission to the end-of-year book.

Secretaries are basically concerned with attending committee meetings, taking minutes, putting our events in the Socs calendar and  generally being available to help out. This position is up for grabs, so if you’re looking to get involved, be sure to come along and put yourself forward! If you’re not interested, we’d still appreciate your attendance, as the secretary needs to be elected. Every vote counts! So, see you all this Thursday, and hopefully the following Saturday too. ♥

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